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The “Levantecon” is the italian event dedicated to Science, Science Fiction and comics, three subjects discussed in an unique and exclusive way in order to emphasize the strong link between Science and Science Fiction, on one side, and Comics and Art, on the other side.

To achieve this purpose in the best way, the Levantecon is made up, on the inside, by different events each one dedicated to a specific theme.
The “Festival dello Spazio” (the Italian convention of Astronomy, Astrophysics, Astronautics… and surroundings) represents the scientific section of the Levantecon and it has the main purpose to get closer to science those persons who are usually not interested in scientific themes, by focusing their attention mainly on the astronomical and astrophysical activities.
Every argument is exposed by skilled staff capable to merge the scientific severity of the treated arguments, with the ability to intrigue and the interact in the best way, with the audience. The scientific section is completed by the “Galleria delle Scienze” a wide scientific “box” rich of exhibitions, experiments conducted with the participation of the audience, a big planetarium, scientific conferences and much more.

The “Star Trek Nauticon” (the event dedicated to Star Trek) represents, on the other side, the first of the two important events dedicated to the sci-fi section of the “Levantecon” and it throws the crowd in the imaginative universe of Star Trek. The famous sci-fi series, created by the great Gene Roddenberry, thanks to its fantastic but believable technology, has inspired many scientists all over the world and made entire generations reflect about social and cultural themes which are still actual nowadays. The “Gatecon Italia” (the Event dedicated to Stargate) is the second big sci-fi event of the “Levantecon” and is based on the famous sci-fi series Stargate. Thanks to its several movies and tv productions, in a short time Stargate has managed to catch the attention and the heart of a lot of fans all around the world, becoming also a point of reference for the modern science fiction. The Scientific section incorporates the “Galleria della Fantascienza”  which contains thematic exhibitions, movies and tv series projections, sci-fi conferences, sci-fi fanclubs and several other activities.

Inside the Levantecon, science and science fiction are treated not like separated entities but like two different worlds complementary to each other, where the one becomes the inspirer of the other in a never ending run-up which sees the imaginative ideas of today become the real projects of tomorrow. The science, indeed, thanks to the tireless job of the researchers involved in the various fields of human knowledge, has made possible the social and cultural development of mankind. Through the scientific research, man could enjoy of many benefits such as the chance to communicate wireless at long distances, take advantage of super-powerful computers, travel worldwide in short time and even leave the planet to reach the surface of its satellite, the Moon. A lot of what once seemed only a fantasy originated by sci-fi books, is now a reality, demonstrating the strict link between Science and Science Fiction.

The “LevanteComics & Games” is the event dedicated to the world of Comics and it’s expressly conceived to highlight how, simple forms of entertainment born mostly for the youngest, have with time evolved into real form of arts, mirror of fashions and trends of entire generations, capable of involving fans of all age and culture. The event is made much more intriguing by the presence of several “Cosplayers” (fans dressed like the characters of Japanese cartoons, videogames, sci-fi and fantasy movies) who with their colorful costumes, immerge the audience in a unique and wonderful environment. The Comics section is enriched by the “Galleria dei fumetti”, rich of exclusive exhibitions, role playing and computer games, sketching demonstrations, conferences, thematic round tables, cosplayers parades and many other fascinating activities.

Exclusive events all contained inside a unique convention in its kind for richness of events, exclusive and involving scenographies and for the professionalism of the organizing and divulgative staff, all finalized to the diffusion of the scientific, sci-fi and comics culture. The divulgative activity is also completed by a series of specifically developed programs for schools of every grade and level. Embellishing the convention, moreover, there are even prestigious “Awards”, among them there are awards conferred to the best scientific communicator (Premio Divulgazione Scientifica Galileo Galilei) and sci-fi communicator(Premio Divulgazione Fantascientifica Gene Roddenberry), an important Science Fiction Literary Competition(Concorso Letterario Giulio Verne), an award for the best Cosplayer and the presence of illustrious  “Guests” of national and international relevance. Every single event is introduced and developed inside the convention and is given to the audience, the chance to interact with the award winners and with the occurred guests. All of this into a totally free event opened to everybody, experts or beginners, joined by the common passion for Science, Science Fiction and Comics.

A journey through science sci-fi comics&games
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